Hey guys,

After messing around with the platform I have been using for a week I’ve decided to change from to .org. It’s a better option, more opportunity and less expensive! If you have any tips and tricks please let me know!

Working Project

Well hello again,

First off I would like to say Thank You to the handful of people who come to my blog daily. I am very greatful for you and all the new people who are joining me as well. Over the next few months you will notice my blog go through many changes as I am setting it up. I will be changing a few things lay out wise. I am also working on social media accounts. Those will come a few months from now. I want to have my blog all set up how I want it to be before I start focusing on social media accounts but they are in the works!

Thank you for the support you guys have given me and the kind words you have said to me. I am very greatful for all of you! I will be as open and honest with you all within limits because let’s be real somethings should not be posted for the world to see.

So with all of that being said thank you again and I hope you stick with me while I set up my blog a little better.


I always tell people “No I’m not stressed” in reality I really am. For the past week my eye lid has twitched. Every 5 seconds my eye lid would twitch. I can not even explain how annoying it was to have my eye lid twitch at least a thousand times a day. I had no clue that stress could do that to your body. Stress is can do some crazy things to your body. Hives, twitches, emotional break downs, upset stomach there’s many more ways stress can affect your body.

I know I am stressed. I am going through a lot of changes at work and in my life personally. I used to care a lot more at my job. I still give 110% at work, however; I changed my attitude to not care as much as I use two. My work puts so much stress on me with the work load and changes that is happening right now and I have decided it is not worth the amount of stress it is. My attitude towards work is “It is what it is and I just work their”.

As soon as I changed my attitude about work I came home and relaxed. A nice long hot shower and a great nights rest was exactly what I needed. The next day my eye-ball twitch was gone! Stress will always be in my life, if it’s about money, kids, life in general it is always their.

The best advice I was given this past week was to take some time to myself to relax and let out my stress. If you are feeling stressed go for a message, get your nails done, take a hot shower or bath. Do what helps you release stress in your life and remember your not alone. Other people are in the same boat as you, and never feel afraid to ask for help!


Today was a rough day filled with whining and crying. Today was filled with patients, love and some times anger. My child was testing the waters today to see what she can get away with. Children know what they are allowed can and can not do. There are times where they like to test you. They will do things they know they aren’t allowed to do and somehow manage to make you feel like a bad parent with there alligator tears.

Today I felt like a bad parent saying no for most of the morning, having conversations about good choices and time outs. I always feel guilty when my kiddo is crying in a time out, however; I don’t want her to think she can get away with anything.

I was scrolling on pinterest (I have a mild obsession when it comes to pinterest) I found the perfect quote.

When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, its our job to share our calm, not join their chaos -L.R. Knost

This quote was exactly what I needed to read in the middle of our big emotion morning. We were both upset, and angry at each other this morning. We sat on the couch 10 times this morning and had conversations about listening. At the time it felt pointless having the same conversation over and over but somehow my words came through and she finally listened to me.

Once the morning was over our day got better. We had our listening ears, kind hands and semi inside voices back. Some days start out rocky, where we should go back to bed and try to start over. If we were to determined how our day will go based off one bad hour everyone’s day would be rough. Take the rough time and turn it into something wonderful.

Project #1

Somehow today I was able to organize and clean the fridge out. Generally my fridge is the cleanest area of the house. One of my biggest pet peeve is a dirty fridge. So today in between appointment and cuddling my sick screaming child I managed to clean it. No matter what’s going on around you make time to do one thing that makes you happy a day.

I tried to keep it simple and what makes the most sense for our family. I kept all of my daughter’s go to snacks together. Then I just grouped everything simular together.

It feels great to take everything out wipe everything down. Only if my freezer could be this organized…

If you haven’t had a chance to check out my other post I’ll link them below!


Mom thoughts



I’ve recently started Dave Ramsey baby steps. I love the idea of it but its not easy just to get to baby step one. I am on month 3 of doing this I SHOULD have baby step one done, crossed off the list! Oh no everything that could go wrong on my new to me car would go wrong. Got in an accident, paid for it to be fixed. Both wheel bearings, calipers, breaks replaced also normal maintenance like my oil change and new filter. Hopefully fingers crossed next month is a good month so I can start baby step one.

For those of you who have never heard of the baby steps baby step on is save 1,000 dollars. It sounds simple but so far this has been the hard.

Baby step 2 is paying off debt. I am the most excited for this one. Just to know I have a little bit in the bank because of baby step 1. I can focus on baby step two. I have a student loan to pay off. It’s a decent student loan no where near as much as half of the kids I graduated with have in student loans just in 2.5 years. All I want to do right now is pay off that loan and get that stress off my shoulders.

I’m not good at finances but I’m going to try my best that way I have a better futur filled with trips traveling the world! I want to fill my life with experiences not things. If anyone has any advice for me please let me know. Have you done Dave Ramsey what are your thoughts on it?


Today has been a crazy long day! With my kiddo being sick the past week I have regained my appreciation for sleep. Running on fumes today at work it feels great to lay in my bed with peace and quit. I normally hate the house being quit but after today like today it is peaceful.

I got out of work a little later than I normally do so by the time we got home my daughter was passed out in the car, SCORE! Now if you are a parent you know how HARD it is to transfer a child without waking them up. They look like sweat, precious angels but in reality its like carrying a bomb. No Joke! Just one wrong move, light in the eyes, laying them down incorrectly and BAM they are awake. My child wont just be awake for 10-15 minutes, no shes awake for hours after a bad transfer, however; the odds were in my favor tonight and she stayed asleep.

I was able to pick up the house a tad from this morning. I had 15 min to get ready, everything gathered and out the door this morning. Of course with me sleeping in more than I should I run around the house like a chicken with its head cut off trying to hurry and gather everything I needed along with what my child needed for the day.

I’m just going to be real with y’all. I’m not a morning person, I set 4 alarms and end up getting up on the 4th alarm. I really like my sleep and waking up super early to get all done up is not my thing. Don’t get me wrong I love doing my make up and hair, however; I do not get enough sleep to wake up an extra hour early to do all that stuff. A good tip and what I do instead is shower the night before, dry your hair and do it. I love to curl my hair but, that takes a good hour to do. At night I will curl my hair put it in the highest pony or bun (Go with the curl do not fight the curl) sleep on it, wake up shake it out put on my 2 min face make up and im ready to go. (After I brush my teeth and use my mouth wash of course)

Doing my hair the night before is a life saver. But when I don’t do that a good o pony or bun works just fine! Just remember no matter what have confidence and do what makes you happy. If that is waking up 2 hours early or sleeping in. You do You that is the only thing that matters.

Today’s The Day

Today is the day where my motivation begins. Today is the day I start everything back up that I have been neglecting over the past year. Today is the day I get my shit together and stop putting everything off.

I have said this to myself over and over again the past few months. I keep telling myself today the day I start working out again, or today’s the day I organize my closet and keep it clean. Its time to stop being lazy for the most part and just do it. Work hard, save hard and spend a few extra minutes to do what needs to be done. That way when I have motivation to finally do it I wont feel overwhelmed like I am today.

My house is clean, as clean as it can be with a 3 year old, but today is the day that I plan on organizing all of the closets in our house to make more sense for our everyday life. Instead of throwing clothes behind a closed door. As long its shut behind a door it doesn’t exist right? I know almost everyone has one thing they HATE doing. For me that is laundry. I will wash it and dry it all day long but when it comes to folding it and putting it away I fail.

But no more today is the day where everything is cleaned and put away!


The first snow fall is breath-taking! Everything is dusted with white clean snow. Everywhere you look is clean and fresh covering everything all white. When the sun comes out it can make the snow look like glitter. I love the first snow fall of winter, I look forward to it every year.

With that being said as I cuddle my sick child looking out the window I see that it is snowing. Only a few months after the first snow fall. My joy and love for snow has faded away. I dread the cold short days, many MANY layers of clothes inside and outside. The nice white snow turns brown and gross from the salt we put on the roads. What once was joy is now dreaded.

Where I live the weather is all over the place. It goes from sunny and nice to freezing by the end of the day. However, the light at the end of the tunnel is shining and I can almost see it. With the end of winter near the excitement for spring and summer to come is in the air.

I can not wait for the warm 70 degree days, hours at the pool, beach and splash pad with my kiddo. The long productive days when I get out of work it will be light out for many more hours. But for now I will enjoy the cold, gloomy, snowy days until spring is here to stay.

With all that said I got to go. My child is coughing so hard shes about to puke.

Hows the weather where you live let me know!

First blog post

Have you ever been afraid to try something new? Afraid of failure? Afraid what others may think or say about the new journey you are taking in life? I can tell you I am but, that fear is normal. How can I succeed without trying. Today I am taking the leap of faith and fear to start a blog. I can tell you all right now I have no clue what I am doing but I will try my best.

I want my blog to be my story, the way life is for me right now in time. It will be about anything and everything, Lifestyle, food, family, work, quotes and inspiration. My goal is to inspire others the way others inspired me. With that being said I am excited to use and grow this blog for good.