Today was a rough day filled with whining and crying. Today was filled with patients, love and some times anger. My child was testing the waters today to see what she can get away with. Children know what they are allowed can and can not do. There are times where they like to test you. They will do things they know they aren’t allowed to do and somehow manage to make you feel like a bad parent with there alligator tears.

Today I felt like a bad parent saying no for most of the morning, having conversations about good choices and time outs. I always feel guilty when my kiddo is crying in a time out, however; I don’t want her to think she can get away with anything.

I was scrolling on pinterest (I have a mild obsession when it comes to pinterest) I found the perfect quote.

When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, its our job to share our calm, not join their chaos -L.R. Knost

This quote was exactly what I needed to read in the middle of our big emotion morning. We were both upset, and angry at each other this morning. We sat on the couch 10 times this morning and had conversations about listening. At the time it felt pointless having the same conversation over and over but somehow my words came through and she finally listened to me.

Once the morning was over our day got better. We had our listening ears, kind hands and semi inside voices back. Some days start out rocky, where we should go back to bed and try to start over. If we were to determined how our day will go based off one bad hour everyone’s day would be rough. Take the rough time and turn it into something wonderful.


9 thoughts on “Breath”

  1. My Sunday was very much like this. There was so much screaming from both kids (2 and 4 year olds). They fought, they tantrumed, nothing was to their liking. In the end I told my husband I needed a shower and was going to lock the bathroom door. I just needed 10 mins alone time. It helped calm me!


  2. Aww, this is such a sweet read and very relatable. I’m a mum to 2 toddler boys and I certainly get these mornings. What a beautiful way to deal with it. Thanks so much for sharing this. Very helpful x


  3. Children know how push your buttons and most of the times the wrong ones. Sometimes its good to take even a 5 minute alone time in the bathroom while the child is throwing a tantrum iibecausen the other room because you also don’t want to handle a child in that state when you are overwhelmed. Talking to them calmly and explaining to them why the can’t have something helps but of course not all the time lol. Despite the crazies, childre still make our day with their little hugs, kisses and I love you mummys ☺


  4. My kids are teens now, but I remember those times when they pushed my buttons trying to get what they wanted. Although they are not that bad anymore, they still test me to see how far I can go. All I can do is breath sit down with them, listen to their point of view and make my decision. I can say that teens are also overwhelmed with emotions, don’t lose your cool.


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